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If you get a lock down message, this just means that we have hit our weekly cap of 150 loaves a week. If you wish to order, please come back starting the following Sunday.


We are using PayPal to process transactions, however, you can also pay without an account. On this site, we are only accepting credit card orders. If you wish to pay in cash, please call us at (956)381-9806 so that we can make arrangements.

Order Pickup

We are not doing deliveries! By ordering on this site, you are scheduling an order to be picked up up at Edinburg FUMC (3707 W. University) at any of our order pickup times following your order (along with any handling times). If your order is large and you wish for it to be delivered, please contact us. We will only deliver for orders of 15 loaves or more.

The first order pickup day will be October 14th! We apologize for the delays!

Pickup Days Pickup Times
Wednesday 6pm - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm

Recurring Orders

If you plan on making a large reoccuring order (i.e. 15 loaves each week in the month of October), please do not order on this site! This site is setup to only take 150 loaves per week, after which the site will enter a lockdown state not allowing any further orders to be placed until the next Sunday. This is done to ease the burden on our volunteer bakers.

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